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Fragrance Accords

Looking for a specific kind of fragrance? We have categorized your favorite accords to reduce your hassle.


The citrus family comprises of raw materials obtained from citrus fruits and peels. A fresh and refreshing ingredient mostly used in summer fragrances that are fresh. Citrusy scents bring vibes of freshness and are helpful in clearing ones mind.


Fragrances which comprise of fruit notes are mostly sweet and juice. The fruit notes compliment floral notes in the composition of fruity floral fragrances. A vast array of fruits fall under this category, of which most popular ones are peach and berries

Green Notes

In the green notes category we encompass leaves, herbs and ferns. Green notes give an earthly feeling. Herbs are referred to as aromatic notes, spicy at time. Ferns add to the term fougre, and these notes recreate the earthly notes of the damp forest.


Spicy fragrance are easily identifiable with their pungent smell. These fragrances have a warm and sensual feeling. Most abundantly used ingredients in the spice category are cinnamon, coriander and cardamom. These are mostly prominent in Men's perfumes.


The woody fragrances notes are mostly obtained from wood chips through some are obtained from lab synthesis. Ingredients can be expensive such as Agarwood/Oud the reason they are obtained from lab as syntheses Oud. Woody notes are found mostly in masculine scents.


The most obvious category in perfume making are the floral notes. Floral notes are considered romantic and add a feminine touch to the composition of the perfume. Mostly extracted through natural methods, floral notes are found in almost every composition.


Sweet fragrances remind of desserts and sweets and are considered a sub-category of the oriental fragrance line. Most common ingredients in the sweet notes array are caramel, praline and cocoa. Sweet notes, though mostly used in feminine scents are also a part of masculine ones.


Aquatic/Ozonic notes convey a sense of freshness. Fragrances with this composition feel like the sea breeze or the fresh mountain air. Aquatic notes are found in both masculine and feminine scents. Aquatic notes are also knows as Marine notes.





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