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Top summer fragrances for men

Looking good comes naturally to some men but smelling good is a choice! And you all get to choose that. In this blog, we bring you the best perfume for men that will elevate your personality. 

Summer is all about refreshing essentials. Due to high temperature and humidity, it often becomes burdensome to get ready in the morning. But the privilege of summer is that all the men can wear loose shirts and comfy jeans but one thing that completes the summer look is exquisite and cool fragrance.  Don’t you all agree? The perfumes for men are prepared with strong and neutral ingredients that help to exude a subtle fragrance. Fragaro is an online store that brings a wide range of the best men perfumes in Pakistan that is affordable and created using the impressions of branded perfumes. Below are the top two picks of this season for men:

Gentleman – Impression of Bvlgari Man 


Bvlgari is all about class and elegance. All the men must have heard and tried Bvlgari Man and have fallen in love with it. It is one of the top perfumes for men who want to smell exquisite and classy by keeping the balance with a subtle fragrance. Using the top, middle and base notes of Bvlgari Man, Fragaro has recreated the masterpiece that is known as Gentleman. It is an amazing creation for all the men who seek perfection and class. The fragrance opens with the notes of Lotus, Bergamot, Violet Leaf, and Pear giving a burst of floral and fruity fragrance that works well in the summery season. After following the fruity and floral scent, the neutral and earthy tones of Vetiver, Woodsy Notes, Sandalwood, Amber, Cashmere Wood, and Cypriol Oil create a balance.

To complete this perfume impression, the base notes of Benzoin, Musk, Tonka Bean, and Honey are added that extend the silage and longevity of the perfume. It is a good choice for men who are working and have to be available for meetings and formal get together. It is available on the Fragaro website for only Rs. 1600 and currently it is in demand so if you want to experience true elegance, do try it before it runs out of stock. 


Fiasco – Impression of Gucci Guilty


Fragaro’s Fiasco is a perfume impression of Gucci Guilty that is an ideal pick for this summer season. Gucci Guilty is indeed one of the most popular fragrances for men. Due to its perfect balance of rich and subtle ingredients, it is a classy option for men’s perfumes. Though it is a male perfume it is often used as ladies’ perfumes because even women love its composition. The makers of Fiasco have kept Gucci Guilty’s original essence intact so people do not miss out on the original flavors. To ensure the experience remains the same, the perfumes open with the enchanting smell of lavender and the citrusy and tangy aroma of lemon. It gives a flavorful feeling and helps to lighten up the mood. So if you are looking for a subtle fragrance, it is among the best perfumes in Pakistan. The middle note contains the striking and powerful fragrance of the African Orange Flower which is an amalgamation of citrus and floral scent. The base notes of Patchouli, Virginia Cedar, and Vanilla add an extra touch of completeness to the fragrance. Fiasco is indeed the best perfume in Pakistan for men because it is rich and subtle, perfect for men who want to make a lasting impression. Fragaro offers the fragrance for Rs. 1500. Sounds amazing, right? So order now and experience the true fragrance of Gucci Guilty. 

Which one to buy?

Which one did you like? To make it easier, let’s compare Fiasco and Gentleman. Fiasco – Gucci Guilty is provocative and seductive composition so it works best when you want to make a strong impression on others. It is among the best perfume for all seasons and can be worn at anytime and anywhere. However, the Gentleman – Bvlgari Man is for confident men who are courageous, passionate, and authentic. This fragrance is subtle but striking and masculine so it works best for men who want to get noticed. 

At Fragaro, you can order these amazing fragrances. They are prepared by using authentic perfume impressions. The bottles are handy and come in durable packaging so it will be a worthwhile experience. Order now and experience it too! 

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