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With the rising temperature, perfumes have become essential for everyone. At Fragaro we bring a wide range of authentic perfume impressions of branded perfumes. In this article, we will discuss the best recommended perfume for men that will make them smell good and nice all day for every activity. 

Gentleman – Impression of Bvlgari Man 


Are you an office going? Then an elegant and sophisticated fragrance is very important that can exude a gentlemanly vibe. Fragaro brings Gentleman, the best perfume for men who want to give a masculine vibe and smell intense in the room. It is made specially using the basic root components of the Bvlgari Man that contains woodsy fragrances. The perfume opens up with the scents of Lotus, Bergamot, Violet Leaf, and Pear. Once the fragrance starts to oxidize, the  middle notes of Vetiver, Woodsy Notes, Sandalwood, Amber, Cashmere Wood and Cypriol Oil keep the fragrance living. To ensure it is among the popular perfumes in Pakistan, the base notes of Benzoin, Musk, Tonka Bean, and Honey give a strong and striking fragrance that helps to smell powerful all day. So if you are looking to switch or buy a new fragrance for your formal gatherings and meetings then do try Fragaro’s Gentleman because it is a pure classic. Now perfumes are very expensive so to ensure that we offer budget friendly package, our Gentleman is for only Rs. 1600. It is super economical and long lasting. So don’t hold back and purchase it now and smell exquisite in your gatherings and show your true gentleman side. 

Fiasco – Impression of Gucci Guilty 


Gucci is every men’s favorite, right? Keeping in mind the love for Gucci, Fragaro has used the perfume impressions of Gucci Guilty to recreate a masterpiece that can take you back to the original fragrance. The fragrance is a blend of floral and citrusy ingredients that give a soothing and refreshing feel to keep your game up for these sunny days. Like Gucci Guilty our Fiasco is a subtle yet striking fragrance that leaves a lasting impression so if you are looking to impress anyone then it is the ideal choice. It will make sure your presence does not go unnoticed in the room. It is indeed among the top perfumes for men and Fragaro would always suggest its male audience to try this creation because it promises to exude a charismatic and enchanting fragrance that will suit your personality.

The perfume opens its heart out with the fresh fragrance of delicate lavender and a striking citrusy scent of lemon that creates a balance. When you apply it, you will relish these fragrances and later you will experience the scents of African Orange Flower. The base of the perfume contains the tints of Vanilla that gives a taste of ladies’ perfume and becomes one of the reasons that ladies are attracted to this fragrance. This appealing fragrance only costs rs. 1500 so it is very easy on the pocket and heavier on the style statement. Don’t forget to buy it! 

At Fragaro, we offer specially curated perfume impressions by using the bases of the best perfumes in Pakistan. With rising general price levels and bans on imports, the access to branded perfumes has been affected. But this should not stop you from wearing your favorite fragrance, especially on these sunny days. You can now order the best perfume in Pakistan from our website. Our perfume impressions are made with authentic ingredients complemented with durable and nice packaging. The bottles are handy so they can be kept anywhere like in your car, bag, closet, etc. The bottles are lightweight so they are easy to carry. When you are travelling for vacation or meetings, you can take these perfumes along with you. 

For this month, our picks for men’s fragrances are Gentleman – Bvlgari Man and Fiasco – Gucci Guilty. You can now order from our website and explore more options that go well with your personality and style. We have a wide range of the best perfumes for all seasons. With monsoon approaching, you can start picking your favorites for the new season. Though fragrances can work all seasons it is ideal to change your scent according to the season as it gives a new and fresh look to your personality. 

So hurry up and order your favorites now before they run out!  

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